August 16, 2015

‘ A Call for Repentance ‘

 Bible Background – EZEKIEL 18; PROVERBS 21:2-15

Printed Text – EZEKIEL 18:1-13, 31-32

Devotional Reading – HOSEA 14


                                                                 “Aim for Change”

By the end of the lesson, we will: REVIEW the message of EZEKIEL that God holds each person responsible for his or her own actions; FEEL accountability for personal acts of omission that damage the community; and PRAY for discernment in how to amend our ways and build communities of justice.



Daily Bible Readings
Monday – Justice, Righteousness, and Repentance (Isaiah 1:24-28)

Tuesday - Justice: A Joy to the Righteous (Proverbs 21:10-15)

Wednesday – Avoiding a Parent’s Negative Example (Ezekiel 18:21-28 )

Thursday – The Consequences of Changing Behaviors (Ezekiel 18:14-19)

Friday - The Lord Weighs The Heart (Proverbs 21:2-8)

Saturday –  Walking in the Lord’s Ways (Hosea 14)

Sunday – The Person Who Sins Shall Die (Ezekiel 18:1-13, 31-32)