July 5, 2015

‘ No Rest for the Wicked ‘

 Bible Background – MICAH 2

Printed Text – MICAH 2:4-11

Devotional Reading – PROVERBS 11:1-10


                                                                 “Aim for Change”

By the end of the lesson, we will: EXPLORE Micah’s depiction of people who deny their wrongdoings in the community; EXPRESS feelings about people who attempt to justify the evil and harm they commit; and RESPOND with appropriate opposition to those engaged in wrongdoing in the community.



Daily Bible Readings
Monday – Good Deeds for the Oppressed (Job 29: 7-17)

Tuesday – Attention to the Needs of Others (Job 31:13-22)

Wednesday - Judge Me, O Lord (Psalm 7:1-8)

Thursday - Test My Mind and Heart (Psalm 7:9-17)

Friday - The Lord Executes Judgment (Psalm 9:15-20)

Saturday -  The Righteous and the Wicked (Proverbs 11:1-10)

Sunday - A Day of Bitter Lamentation (Micah 2:4-11)